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Is It Worth It to Hire Professional Packers?

One of the most wavered decisions on the matter of moving is whether to hire professional packers. There are many different reasons and occasions for hiring a company to pack for you. There are also various packing services offered. We will review each service type and explain who they’re best suited for. Hopefully, this brings new information to light and helps you decide which packing option fits you best.

Option 1: Pack Everything on Your Own

One option is packing everything on your own. This is obviously the cheapest option, but it is certainly the most work. You must be sure you have the time available and the correct judgment to pack your belongings safely.

If you’re unorganized and careless, it can set you up for failure. If you are not packed up 100% by moving day, or if you’re improperly packed, then you can cause more work for the movers. That will end up costing you the money you would have saved by doing it yourself.

It is also important to mention that the moving company typically does not insure items packed by the owner. This may seem unfair, but if the customer packed a fragile item improperly, it would only take a small bump in the road to break it, even if the movers did everything right. Not to mention, someone can simply put an item that is already chipped or cracked in a box and claim the movers did it.

Option 2: Hire Professional Packers for the Delicates

A second option for packing is to have a company pack only the delicate items. This is a budget-friendly option that still gives you assistance. While anyone can throw clothes in a box quickly and safely, packing fragile items, especially lamps, pictures, and other unique decorations, takes experience and knowledge. Not to mention, a professional can pack these “difficult” items more safely and in a timelier manner. In addition to saving you time and stress, another benefit is that anything the professional packs will be covered by insurance.

Option 3: Hire Professional Packers for Everything

A third option is to have a company do a full pack. This is a great option if you lack the time or the know-how to pack everything yourself, or if you want a stress-free move. A full house pack is not the cheapest option, but it provides the most relief and assistance.

Customers are always surprised when they see a crew pack a whole house in a day that would have taken them many, many weekends to complete. If there are a few precious items you want to take care of yourself or a room you want to exclude, just let the packers know.

Option 4: Hire a Moving Coordinator

The last option is hiring a moving coordinator/downsizer. They, in themselves, have different services that go well beyond a full house pack. A moving coordinator can help you downsize, lay out a floor plan for your new home, and much more. They can inventory every item that goes in a box to help you prioritize which boxes to unpack first, or they can even unpack for you. If a helping hand is what you need from start to finish, it’s worth looking into all a moving coordinator can offer.

Top Notch Professional Packers and Movers

We hope this has given you new insight into your options, as well as clarification on which choice will best suit you. As stated, your available time, packing prowess, and budget will be the deciding factors in your choice. Whether or not these line up, packing is still crucial to the move’s success. So, it is important to start early or ask for help to be sure it is completed and done correctly.

Please reach out to Top Notch Moving if you have a specific concern or questions. We are professional packers, and we are happy to help in any way.

Wishing you the best with your move,

Top Notch Moving and Storage Professional Packers