1. How much of my house would you be able to pack?
    We can accommodate any packing situation, from your entire house to just a few of your more fragile items. Our staff will bring all the necessary supplies to your home and get your home ready for move day, so your move is done carefully and efficiently. This is a very favorite service of our elderly customers.


  1. Do you move specialty items such as grandfather clocks or pianos?
    Absolutely. Our highly trained staff is experienced in moving antiques as well as pianos. Moving these at the same time as your other belongings can reduce your cost.
  2. How can I make my move the most cost effective?
    Being prepared is the best way to ensure an efficient and thorough move. Having all your items packed and well labeled allows our staff to work more quickly.
  3. How much advance notice do you need?
    You should contact Top Notch Moving 45 days from your desired move date to schedule a free in-home estimate. Having more than one prospective move date makes it easier to accommodate you.


  1. How will I be billed?
    The hourly rate depends on how many men are sent to your move. Your billable time starts when we leave our warehouse and ends when we return. Therefore, if you are well prepared you can control the cost of your move significantly. We require payment at the completion of the job.
  2. Can I expect any “hidden charges” when I receive the bill?
    No, you will be billed an hourly rate and a flat-rate insurance fee. If your move requires any other charges, such as additional truck fee or storage, it will be itemized on your written estimate.
  3. What methods of payment do you accept?
    We prefer a personal or cashier’s check but also accept credit card payment with a 3% surcharge.

We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us.