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York County, PA, moving company

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Moving into or out of York County, PA? We provide moving services throughout York County, Pennsylvania, including Shrewsbury.

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If you’re moving into or out of York County, Pennsylvania, you can rely on us to provide a smooth relocation experience for your family or business.

Make your move stress-free with our professional services for packing, storage, and moving for residential or commercial. Our staff is trained in packing efficiently and carefully, whether they’re helping you with entire rooms or just a few delicate items. Your possessions will be the only items in our truck, and the same team that loads it will expertly unload it at your new home or office.

Whether you’re moving from across town or across the country, you’ll enjoy a delightful relocation experience with our friendly movers.

York County, PA, moving company

About Moving to York County, PA

Nestled in southcentral Pennsylvania, York County is an ideal place to explore nature, enjoy the outdoors, and soak in the beautiful scenery. Whether you’re interested in hiking along trails, eating farm-fresh food, shopping for antiques, or visiting museums, you’ll find opportunities for all of that and more in this county!

Local attractions include:

  • Artisan and factory tours
  • Downtown York
  • Wineries and breweries
  • Museums and history centers
  • Northern Central Railway of York
  • Parks and trails (including the Heritage Rail Trail)
  • Specialty shops
  • Galleries and performing arts theaters
  • Restaurants for casual and upscale dining
  • Community events happening seasonally and annually

York County has a rich history and is conveniently located just north of Baltimore off I-83. One fun fact is that York County is also known as the “Snack Food Capital of the World” because there are five snack food manufacturers located here.

York County has a population of approximately 455,000. According to data from 2021, the median household income is $72,543. The median property value is $191,000.

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Depend on our full-service moving company to expertly relocate your family or business in York County, PA. Call us at 410-444-4498 for a free estimate.

York County, PA, moving company